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- A non-stop flight is a flight that goes directly from the departure airport to the destination airport without any intermediate stops. This type of flight is convenient for travelers because it saves time and eliminates the need to change planes or wait for connecting flights.

- Non stop tickets are usually available between two major cities with decent flight traffic and sometimes you might not find one available. Cleck here to see other options with the fastest trip.

- One thing to keep in mind when booking a non-stop flight is that these flights tend to be more expensive than flights with connections. However, the time saved and the convenience of not having to change planes may make the extra cost worth it for some travelers. Additionally, non-stop flights are often more reliable than flights with connections, as there is less chance of delays or cancellations due to weather or other issues.

- Overall, non-stop flights can be a great option for travelers looking to save time and eliminate the hassle of connecting flights. Just be prepared to pay a little more for the convenience.